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High-performance, lightweight and cross-platform QUIC library

High Performance

TQUIC is designed for high performance and low latency.

High Throughput

TQUIC supports various congtestion control algorithms (CUBIC, BBR, COPA), and Multipath QUIC for utilizing multiple paths within a single connection.

High Quality

TQUIC employs extensive testing techniques, including unit testing, fuzz testing, integration testing, benchmarking, interoperability testing, and protocol conformance testing.

Easy to Use

TQUIC is easy to use, with flexible configuration and detailed observability. It offers APIs for Rust/C/C++.

Powered by Rust

TQUIC is written in a memory-safe language, making it immune to Buffer Overflow vulnerability and other memory-related bugs.

Rich Features

TQUIC supports all major features conforming to QUIC, HTTP/3 RFCs.